Regulatory affairs and quality assurance for medical devices


For over 20 years Priory Analysts has provided focussed guidance in regulatory affairs and quality assurance to help launch medical devices into new markets

Priory Analysts is a business management consultancy supporting companies in the medical device sector, from micro-enterprise start-ups to globals

Almost every known medical, scientific, and technological discipline can be found in the medical device sector. Priory has probably worked with a product like yours


Business solutions for medical devices

Concept evaluation

Analysing ideas for IP potential, scoping a business case, developing business plans

Regulatory submissions

Advising the scientific, technical, and clinical data requirements. Assembling the data into a modular and easily updateable format

Business systems

Usually called quality systems, but Priory’s approach is to create business management systems. Our aim is to liberate, not constrain


Priory Analysts regular updates

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Verification and Validiction

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Person responsible – a job for life?

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